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Wen Qiang still sentenced to death after appeal
Wen Qiang still sentenced to death after appeal

 Court hearing scene

Wen Qiang in the court.

 Zhou Xiaoya, Wen's wife in the court.

Chongqing Municipal Higher People's Court rejected the appeal of Wen Qiang's death sentence in the second-instant trial conducted May 21, upholding the original verdict.

Wen Qiang, the former director of the Chongqing Municipal Judicial Bureau, was sentenced to death after being convicted of accepting bribes, protecting criminal gangs, rape and failing to account for his cash and assets in the first-instant trial on April 14.

Wen immediately appealed the original ruling. He appealed all counts of his conviction, citing mismatch of facts and the conviction itself -- asking for a lenient sentence.

In the court hearing on May 12, Wen said he cooperated with prosecutors and provided information to help the investigations, so he begged a consideration for leniency in accordance with the law.

But the court claimed that his cases are clear, and the evidence are reliable and sufficient, hence his appeal of death sentence was rejected in the second-instant trial which is the final ruling according to Chinese law.

The verdict said Wen took bribes totaling more than 12 million yuan (1.76 million U.S.dollars) personally or through his wife from 1996 to 2009. In return, Wen offered posts for officials and helped companies and business people obtain illegal profits.

Wen was also convicted of shielding five major organized crime gangs in Chongqing after accepting bribes worth 756,500 yuan.

In August 2007, Wen raped a university student after getting her drunk, the verdict said.

Wen failed to account for the sources of more than 10 million yuan in personal assets.

In the same court trial, Wen's wife Zhou Xiaoya was also given jail terms of eight years after being convicted of taking advantage of her husband's official position and taking bribes totaling 4.49 million yuan with Wen.

The court also delivered verdicts on Huang Daiqiang, Zhao Liming and Chen Tao, the three former Chongqing police officers,in the same trial.

Huang was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment after being found guilty of offering and taking bribes, protecting criminal gangs as well as concealing his illegal gains.

Chen was jailed for 19 years and 6 months after being convicted for offering and taking bribes as well as being involved in criminal gangs.

Zhao Liming faces 17 years and 6 months in jail for offering and taking bribes, involvement in criminal gangs and embezzlement. (Translated by Zhang Yi)\4


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