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250,000 enumerators work for Chongqing population census
250,000 enumerators work for Chongqing population census

Enumerators make registration at Ms Liao’s house in Baihelin Housing Estate, Baihe Community, Longxi Subdistrict, Yubei District on Nov. 1.


 (CQNEWS) The 6th National Population Census started at 00:00 of Nov. 1. Over 250,000 enumerators in Chongqing went to citizens’ houses to make registration.
    Based on the household, the registration mainly includes name, sex, age, nationality, household registration status, educational background, industry, occupation, migration flow, social security, marriage, etc.
    The door-to-door registration will last from Nov. 1 to 10, 2010.

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